Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Linux Foundation Briefing Book: January 17, 2012

This Week's Original Content from The Linux Foundation

What's New in Linux 3.2?
Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier
What better way to kick off the new year than with a brand new kernel,
fresh out of Linus Torvalds released the 3.2 kernel on
January 4th, with improvements in the Ext4 and Btrfs filesystems, thin
provisioning features, a new architecture, and CPU bandwidth control...

Updates on Stable and Long Term Kernel Trees
Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier
On Monday, January 9th, Greg Kroah-Hartman published an update on the
status of the longterm/stable kernel trees that he's maintaining. It's
worth a notice if you're interested in the state of the longterm

Organizing Open Source Efforts at NASA
Rikki Endsley
"When I think of open source, Linux is the core," says William Eshagh, a
technologist working on Open Government and the Nebula Cloud Computing
Platform out of the NASA Ames Research Center. Eshagh recently announced
the launch of, a new NASA website intended to help the
organization unify and expand its open source activities. Recently I
spoke with Eshagh and his colleague, Sean Herron, a technology strategist
at NASA, about the new site and the roles Linux and open source play at
the organization...

SLIDESHOW: Some of the Best Linux Events of 2012
Jennifer Cloer
The Linux Foundation today announced its 2012 Linux events and onsite
training schedule. Some highlights include a triple-header in San Diego
in August...

Tone Your Photos in a Hurry with Delaboratory
Nathan Willis
Can you do high-quality photo correction with an application that is
simple enough for normal (meaning non-photo-gearhead) people to use?
Jacek Poplawski thinks so, and that's why he created Delaboratory, a
point-and-click photo adjustment app that does not require a lifetime's
worth of darkroom experience to understand...

Weekend Project: Learning the Ins and Outs of Arduino
Carla Schroder
Arduino is an open embedded hardware and software platform designed for
rapid creativity. It's both a great introduction to embedded programming
and a fast track to building all kinds of cool devices like animatronics,
robots, fabulous blinky things, animated clothing, games, your own little
fabs... you can build what you imagine. Follow along as we learn both
embedded programming and basic electronics...

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